Photographs serve as connections between generations, and the portraits taken today  will become tomorrow’s cherished vintage treasures. We would be honored, on this road of life, to walk with you awhile.  




Hattie has been the principal photographer and owner of Vintage Road from the very beginning. For Hattie, photography is a higher connection, a moment, the making of a memory that is also a super fun experience. Her 15 years of experience of capturing wedding magic-moments, assures you the “It” factor on your special day.  In essence, as they say: “Keep calm and smile on; Hattie is here.”

With her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography from BYU-Idaho, and 5 years as an adjunct professor at the same university, Hattie feels that her ever evolving photography style is a mix of classic and modern, fresh and traditional. Above all, she is a firm believer that the best images are captured when the clients are comfortable and at ease, just being themselves. That’s when Hattie, camera in hand, can capture the true and natural joy of the experience.

“I love getting to know you, spending time with your children, really understanding what makes them smile, documenting your quirkiness, and giving you a little piece of that to hold onto.” -Hatt

For more than 15 years, Hattie has been “Finding the magic” in people's lives with her art as a photographer.

Where do we find the Magic?

It's in the sparkle in the eyes of a groom, seeing his bride for the first time.

It’s when the light touches a face just right that it seems to glow with love.

In the small personal in-between moments that are so special and so real.

When the bliss of the day makes the couple oblivious to our presence.

It’s in the glimpse from a bride, strait through the lens as her groom stands behind us.

We find it in special details of the day the perfect angle.

With animals, kiddos, Grandparents….pretty much the whole stinkin’ day!



Jake set out to make himself indispensable...and he did!  Hattie hates doing her job without him! He not only second shoots, he runs, climbs, stuffs himself in a tree, fans our overheated brides, fetches water, builds anything needed on a wedding day and generally brings joy to all those who get to meet him. 

He is much, much more than a second shooter. He is the best photography assistant on the planet!! He truly cares about our clients and it shows every time he picks up a camera.  It is wonderful to have a second set of eyes at a wedding or family ssession, but having Jake's perspective rounds out every story. His love of image making and his keen eye for storytelling show in his work and brings our clients joy year after year! 


Jeffrey's talents have him moving in exciting directions, yet of primary delight is that of raising his and Hattie’s three girls. He is always glad for the chance to step in and add his creative energies, and exuberant personality as a second shooter and photo assistant, when ever he is needed.